elementography is the website home of Perth, Western Australia based photographer Ben Cooke.

Ben has been shooting extensively for the last seven years and in that time has travelled much of Australia honing his art and capturing the essence of his homeland.  Ben’s photos capture the unseen, the under appreciated and the sheer beauty of the rugged Australian extremes.  He divides his subjects into their elements; the raw formation of what makes them what, or who, they are.

Contained in this website is a daily photo blog, recording Ben’s journey and the images he creates.  You’ll also find his ‘old’ blog which used to reside at which forms part of his foundation as a photographer.

Finally is the maturation of this collections, the distillation of the essence of what Ben creates is represented in his Series: signature images that define Ben’s style and unique take on image craft.

Explore, enjoy the images and leave a comment, or stop by the Series.

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